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Residential and Commercial Construction

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Residential and Commercial Construction matters are frequently contentious and usually involve many different parties. Depending on the size of the project and the damages being alleged, it is often the case that most, if not all, of the construction contractors will be sued, regardless of their potential exposure. Plaintiff’s lawyers do this for two reasons. First, they are afraid they might not sue all the necessary parties. Second, they do it in the erroneous belief that more parties at the table will make it easier to settle the case. It has been our experience that this type of shotgun approach is usually counter-productive.

Design professionals and architects are also frequently joined in this type of litigation. At Heard & Medack, we are privileged to represent clients on both sides of the design/construction spectrum. As such, we have a unique appreciation for the interaction between the design and construction components of residential and commercial projects. Our experience ranges from defending clients in civil lawsuits to enforcing arbitration provisions and representing our clients at arbitration proceedings.